Monday, February 28, 2011

back from tour

we just got back form tour.  cops showed up at the athens show, but we got to see old buddies so it was cool.
fresh fest was sooooooooo fun.
tons of new buds, so many good bands, ya know florida sucks, but those kids are making amazing things happen, and making where they live better for everyone!
chattanooga show was at sluggos, last minute, but they helped us out a bunch, thanks!
hopefully in the next few days we will put up the demo on here to download.
also we are playing on wed. at ggghost house.  there is a benefit/info show for the sb 590 bill that indiana is trying to get enacted.  show is around 8 or 9ish  we will have demos and thangs!!!!
so many thanks go to adam and jana of charnel house for being road warriors on the tour!!!
you two rule!!!

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